How to add custom user data to meteor accounts

Users and Accounts - What features in core Meteor enable user accounts; How to use accounts-ui for a How to add custom data to Meteor's users collection; How to manage user

What is the best way to add custom data on user creation? - I want to include user's phone number while creating user with Meteor's account- password package. The related method is Accounts.

Adding more fields to Meteor user accounts - As said in the comments, adding options via the standard account-ui . And regarding using Meteor.user.profile to store custom information:.

Extending Meteor.users – All About MeteorJS – Medium - Rather, I'll be creating a simple custom authentication system, along with some . Last but not least, we pass in the new data to the Accounts.

Create a User Accounts System with Meteor - meteor add accounts-password meteor add accounts-ui Design a custom registration form. Create a “Meteor.users” collection to store the user's data.

Meteor create user with a profile and custom attributes - Meteor create user with a profile and custom attributes. July 11, 2016. For Meteor there are not many options left when choosing a user account package. The built- in And how can I add other attributes to the user collection object? (A user

Remove `Meteor.users` `profile` usage · Issue #61 · meteor/docs - abernix changed the title Storing custom data in Meteor.users Remove . Since that's where the accounts packages put the name , I think we

[createUser Mutation]: Allow custom fields on user document (not - However, Meteor doesn't recommend storing ANY of your user data on https://

Meteor Custom User Accounts - In this tutorial we will create a simple custom user accounts system. The full code meteor add accounts-password meteor add accounts-ui.

Creating a custom authentication service in Meteor - For our project it was the use of a custom CAS authentication server for which there Of course there is some official documentation on accounts on Meteor's deny rule on the Meteor.users collection. services: an Object containing data used

meteor accounts-base

Users and Accounts - How to build user login functionality into a Meteor app. Let your Usually, you don't need to include accounts-base yourself since it's added for you if you use

Accounts - The basic Accounts system is in the accounts-base package, but applications typically include this automatically by adding one of the login provider packages:

Meteor accounts-base Branch - Find popular and reliable Accounts packages! Choose from over 20 Login service for LinkedIn accounts, use with Meteor 1.6.1 & up. 15K 33. accounts-base .

Accounts packages - meteor add accounts-password meteor add accounts-ui. It's all sorts of magical. But the problem with this approach is that we end up with an interface that looks

Create a User Accounts System with Meteor - To fix this, we're going to add a user accounts system to our project, which is actually one of the simplest things we can do with the Meteor framework. With this

How To Create a User Accounts System in Meteor - How Meteor handles users. 1, meteor add accounts-base accounts-password Meteor.userId() // will return the _id of the current logged in user

Accounts - Is it possible to use the meteor package in npm? The package is destined for meteor projects. The programmer will take care of the existence of

Using meteor-accounts-base in npm package - Learn how to build your product with Meteor through practical tutorials and stay motivated with insightful How accounts in Base are defined and managed.

Base – Accounts - import { Accounts } from 'meteor/accounts-base' import ApolloClient from 'apollo- boost' const client = new ApolloClient({ uri: '/graphql', request: operation

meteor service-configuration

What is the ServiceConfiguration package for? - help - Yes it is needed for configuring third-party logins. All the services use the package as a dependency under the hood.

Accounts - #logout. #logoutOtherClients. #loginWithPassword. #loginWith<ExternalService> . Requesting Permissions; Configuring Services; Manual settings configuration

cannot find module 'meteor/service-configuration' · Issue #9860 - i have a problem here and tried every thing to fix it but still dont work: this is my main.ts : import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'; import

Where should the service configuration go in meteor? At the client - It should be on the server-side. From the Meteor documentation here,. http://docs. which says.

service-configuration 1.0.11 on Meteor - Manage the configuration for third-party services - 1.0.11 - a package on Meteor -

Add Facebook Login to Meteor App in 2 minutes – Jakub Wietrzyk - Meteor comes with ready-to-use OAuth client and methods to add Facebook Login in your App in a matter meteor add service-configuration

Customizing Meteor Login - Meteor comes with a great way to get started with authentication right out of the box, And finally, the Service Configuration package will let us customize our

Meteor Google OAuth from React Native - First, clone the Meteor React Native boilerplate. Now we actually have to configure our Google OAuth services so the package has access to

Meteor with Webpack, React and Redux in Practice - Making Meteor works with Webpack, React and Redux: Reactivity initialize the Meteor ServiceConfiguration at server startup from your

Accounts_w3cschool - The Meteor Accounts system builds on top of the userId support in publish and_ Login service configuration is sent from the server to the client over DDP when

meteor loginwithtoken

Meteor.loginWithToken missing in docs and guide - help - I’m pretty sure it’s just an oversight. Meteor.loginWithToken has never been in the official API docs for any Meteor version. meteor/meteor/blob/af26e8b052a5135033e561cf4e4347eee585ab3b/packages/accounts-password/password_tests.js#L830-L840.

Meteor.loginWithToken() on Server - You can only perform programmatic login on client side, see docs: to the right from the method name, there's "Client" label which means that the

loginWithToken · Issue #325 · inProgress-team/react-native-meteor - Please add this function to '/node-modules/react-native-meteor/src/user/User.js' so that we can use Meteor.loginWithToken

Meteor Accounts: Using separate instances of client and server - Meteor. users = new Meteor. . loginWithToken(token, function(err){

localstorage_token.js in meteor - Login with a Meteor access token. This is the only public function // here. Meteor. loginWithToken = function (token, callback) { Accounts.callLoginMethod({

Meteor.accounts and loginTokens - Of course I can't help myself to look at what is being stored on the server and I can see the db.users services.resume.loginTokens to grow. There does not seem

Meteor Authentication from React Native - First, cd meteor-app && meteor add accounts-password . We'll need to pull in the basic .. loginWithToken(res, (err, res) => { if (res) { this.props.

packages/accounts-password/password_tests.js from meteor/meteor - Meteor.loginWithPassword(this.username, this.password, Set up a reactive context that only refreshes when Meteor.user() is loginWithToken(Accounts.

Meteor-Unity: Meteor.Accounts Class Reference - static Method< LoginResult >, LoginWithToken (). Log in with a Meteor.Method` 1. More static Coroutine, LoginAsGuest (). Login as a guest. Use inside an

Meteor.js Two-Factor authentication - That's why i had to refuse standard loginWithPassword() method, and had to use undocumented loginWithToken() method. Even more