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Post Meta Data Section « WordPress Codex - This information usually includes the author of the post, when it was written Theme design to display these important pieces of information in the manner you desire. In the first usage, the parameters l, F jS, Y pull the post's date into a format . list posts within the same category, available to users of WordPress 1.5. 1.3+.

How to Remove Author Name from WordPress Posts (2 Easy Ways) - Do you want to remove the author name from your WordPress posts? Normally, blog posts are supposed to show author name with other meta-data like date and category. However, some blog owners may not want to display the author writers who occasionally write articles, but you want to keep a

How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress - If you update your old content, then showing the last updated date is helpful for When You Need Last Updated Date for Posts in WordPress? . You could either add a text widget or edit the menu item's title How do you keep the “last updated” from appearing at the top of specific pages. .. Same Q here.

Testimonials — Support - Keep in mind that some themes may override this number for design reasons, such as Similar to the way you add new posts, you can add a new testimonial under by the date they're created, with the most recent testimonial displayed first. Put the testimonial author's name in the title field, and if you'd like an author photo

General Settings — Support - your blog is displayed, such as the title, tagline, timezone, and date/time formats. matter what you change your site's title to, your address remains the same.

3 Ways to Re-Order WordPress Blog Posts - By default, WordPress posts are ordered based on the date that they the option of sorting posts by both the post date and the post title. Repeat the same process for all of the posts in your series. Author(s): Nsp Code.

Easiest Way Ever To Remove Wordpress Page Titles - Describes how to use a variety of template variables to change titles and meta You can change your title & meta templates by going to the admin of your WordPress installation Date, %%date%%, Replaced with the date of the post/ page can be found in the browser bar on the backend when viewing or editing an item.

Yoast SEO: Search Appearance template variables - If you're using Elementor, you can hide titles with one click, no need to use any code or any other plugin. Follow these steps: 1. Go to your page and click 'Ed.

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How to Display Blog Post Meta Data in Your WordPress Themes - Post meta data are relevant information about your blog post such as published date, category, author name, etc. In this article, we will show

How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress - If you update your old content, then showing the last updated date is helpful for users. Here's how to display the last updated date of posts in

Show Date on Every Post in WordPress – Tom McFarlin - Show The Date on Every Post in WordPress. When it comes to displaying the date on blog posts, many WordPress themes – not all, but many – opt to display the date on the most recent post of the day, and then simply display the title and the content for the rest of the posts throughout the day.

How to show the post date in or under the header in every - WordPress stores published and modified dates in the database. It is called post meta. It is easy to fetch if the you know coding. You need add

Function Reference/the date « WordPress Codex - Displays or returns the date of a post, or a set of posts if published on the same $echo: (boolean) (optional) Display the date (TRUE), or return the date to be

get_the_date() | Function - Retrieve the date on which the post was written. Description #Description. Unlike the_date() this function will always return the date. Modify output with the

3 Different Ways to Automatically Show Today's Date in WordPress - In this post, I'll lay out three different methods for how to show today's date in WordPress. First, I'll show you one of the few working plugins with

How to Remove the Date from Your WordPress Posts - In today's Weekend WordPress Project I'll show you a couple of The easiest way to remove the date is with the WP Post Date Remover.

How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress - How to Show Recent Posts with Date in WordPress This simply shows your recent posts with dates in your template. Sometimes the built-in

How to Show Recent Posts with Date in WordPress - Are you looking to display the last updated date for your posts in WordPress? This helps let

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Display Post Metadata – WordPress plugin - It is a useful plugin to display the metadata information and custom fields of posts and pages or custom post type. You can either display date, author, comments, views or sticky meta information and custom fields list or maybe if you like then you can display all of them.

get_post_meta() | Function - Retrieves a post meta field for the given post ID. upper or lower case. However get_post_meta will apparently be case sensitive due to WordPress caching.

How to Display Blog Post Meta Data in Your WordPress Themes - What is Post Meta Data in WordPress? Post meta data is information about a post that is not part of the actual content. This includes information like post date, author, categories and tags, or custom taxonomies. Depending on your WordPress theme, this information can be displayed on different locations.

How to Add and Customize Post Meta Output for WordPress Themes - Metadata enables you to display post information (such as the author and date) on the front end of your WordPress website.

Displaying Custom Post Meta in WordPress - Displaying custom fields in WordPress can be tricky. This step-by-step walk- through for displaying custom post meta makes it easy!

get post meta - Okay as you added output of array. You can use the following to get the result. This will print the value of test meta key. <button><?php

How To Display Post Meta Data on a WordPress Post - In my last series of articles, we looked at the concepts of object-oriented programming from the perspective of the beginner. The goal of the

How to Display and Style Post Meta Data in WordPress - Or, if you want to view posts of a particular author only, post meta can help you do that. In this post, I'll show you how to display and style post

Understanding and using Post meta in WordPress - WordPress provides a wide variety of functions around post meta to make how we can add, display and use post meta on our WordPress site.

Custom fields and how to use get_post_meta - What are custom fields and post meta in WordPress, and how to use get_post_meta? Learn more about this and how to add, update, delete