Sort HKSampleQuery items by Quantity

Sort HKSampleQuery items by Quantity - It is only possible to have HealthKit sort the results by date currently. You should file a bug with Apple for the enhancement that you'd like.

HKSampleQuery - You can provide a sort order for the returned samples, or limit the number of Like many HealthKit classes, the HKSampleQuery class should not be subclassed. doesn't record the food type, just skip it. break } let joules = sample .quantity.

HKSampleQuery Tutorial and Examples - For workouts you can sort by distance, time, and other pre-defined ways. are typically stored in 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers) might be a little tedious to work with. Where a HKSampleQuery can work well is for items that do not

rdar://22068394: Sort HKQuantitySample by Quantity - Sort HKQuantitySample by Quantity Summary: I want to order HKQuantitySample by the Quantity when execute HKSampleQuery. To make it work now I need to fetch all the items to the memory and sort them manually.

HealthKit Tutorial With Swift: Workouts - A given workout might contain heart rate samples, distance samples and an activity HealthKit tutorial, you're going to track a special kind of workout: Prancercise. Here, you're creating a quantity to store the total calories burned in this sample. That's because HKSampleQuery returns an array of HKSample by default,

Images for Sort HKSampleQuery items by Quantity - Gets an array of sort descriptors to use for sorting the results of queries. C# Копировать. [get: Foundation.Export("sortDescriptors")] public virtual Foundation.

HKSampleQuery.SortDescriptors Property (HealthKit) - To create a HKWorkout , the minimum amount of data you need is the start and finish To read a list of samples, HKSampleQuery is used. The following would result in workouts being sorted by their end date, with the most

Recording Workouts in HealthKit - They do all sorts of awesome things that let our users get healthy and stay healthy. The problem is If you ask a quantity for its value in a unit it's not compatible with, we're going to throw an exception. . You can do this with HKSampleQuery.

WWDC 2014 Session 203 - Introducing HealthKit - HKSampleQuery. Immutable query that searches for sample data using a specific filter (time and quantity) and sorted results in a specific order. (i.e. total number of steps for a day, etc) for quantity sample objects. It returns a


HKQuantitySample - The HKQuantitySample class is a subclass of the HKSample class. Quantity samples are immutable; you set the sample's properties when you create it, and they

quantitySampleWithType - The following examples show how you can create a HKQuantitySample, one using standard C#, and another using named parameters to make their use more

quantityType - You already have heartRateValues as [HKQuantitySample] so just do: private func addSamples(toWorkout workout: HKWorkout, from startDate:

init(type:quantity:start:end - Typically, recording data into HealthKit is quite straightforward: You create a new HKQuantitySample and save it to your HKHealthStore object.

quantity - An HKQuantitySample is the combination of an HKQuantity (e.g. 2,000 count) and an HKQuantityType (e.g. HKQuantityType.

count - fileprivate lazy var activeEnergyQuantities = [HKQuantitySample](). fileprivate lazy var heartRateQuantities = [HKQuantitySample]().

HKQuantitySample Class (HealthKit) - The following examples show how you can create a HKQuantitySample, one using standard C#, and another using named parameters to make their use more


HKAnchoredObjectQuery - Anchored object queries provide an easy way to search for new data in the HealthKit store. An HKAnchoredObjectQuery returns an anchor value that

How to Use HealthKit HKAnchoredObjectQuery - The HKAnchoredObjectQuery provides a useful way to keep tabs on what has changed for a particular sample type. It provides us with both the

Setting up an HKAnchoredObjectQuery so that I only receive updates - When initializing an HKAnchoredObjectQuery , you are expected to either provide nil or an anchor object that you received from a query that

HeartRateManager.swift - let query = HKAnchoredObjectQuery(type: quantityType,. predicate: queryPredicate,. anchor: nil,. limit: HKObjectQueryNoLimit,. resultsHandler:

HKAnchoredObjectQuery Constructor (HealthKit) - All, null)] public HKAnchoredObjectQuery (HealthKit.HKSampleType type, Foundation.NSPredicate predicate, HealthKit.HKQueryAnchor anchor, nuint limit,

Apple Watch HealthKit Developer Tutorial: How to Build a Workout - HKAnchoredObjectQuery. Mostly immutable query that uses “anchors – holders” to retrieve the most recent data in the HealthKit store. Pull

HealthKit changes observing - An HKAnchoredObjectQuery returns an anchor value that corresponds to the last sample or deleted object received by that query. Subsequent

HKAnchoredObjectQuery - HKAnchoredObjectQuery .ctor(HKSampleType, NSPredicate, HKQueryAnchor, nuint, HKAnchoredObjectUpdateHandler) .ctor(HKSampleType, NSPredicate,

Synchronizing HealthKit data – Guilherme Girotto – Medium - 1: We are going to use the HKAnchoredObjectQuery to register for changes, because as Apple said: Anchored object queries provide an easy

HKAnchoredObjectQuery.h - iOS 9.0 Runtime Headers - This header is generated by classdump-dyld 0.7 * on Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 3:29:09 AM Eastern European Standard Time * Operating System: Version

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