Error processing SSI file
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Streams/gulp-inject issue

Streams/gulp-inject issue - I'm sure I already tried this before posting, but I fixed it by piping the current stream to inject, and using async.seriesEach. this.pipe(inject());.

gulp-inject says to me "Nothing to inject" · Issue #225 · klei/gulp - Track tasks and feature requests. Join 36 million developers who use GitHub issues to help identify, assign, and keep track of the features and bug fixes your projects need. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <title>GULP TEST</title> <!-- bower:css --> <!-- endbower --> </head> <body

gulp-inject silently fails on gulp-watch streams · Issue #31 · klei/gulp - gulp-inject silently fails on gulp-watch streams #31. @hallister. hallister opened this issue almost 5 years ago. I haven't figured out why, but if

gulp-inject - gulp-inject takes a stream of source files, transforms each file to a string injected in the correct order to avoid module instantiation problems

Browsersync + Gulp.js - There's no official Browsersync plugin for Gulp, because it's not needed! Compile sass into CSS & auto-inject into browsers gulp.task('sass', function() { return To fix this problem, use{match: '**/*.css'}) as seen in the

Building Angular development environment with Gulp – Hacker Noon - Many issues should be considered, mainly: Fortunately, gulp.js solves all of the above… pretty simple, you just call it on a stream with pipe. gulp-if is not hard Not only css: injecting dependencies from a package manager.

A Healthy Gulp Setup for AngularJS Projects - This post explains the benefits of the GulpJS streaming build system with examples, and provides an One Gulp issue is a good example of this misunderstanding. . All sources are automatically wired in with gulp-inject .

A Beginners Guide to the Task Runner Gulp - Gulp uses streams which I won't go into here, but this is a good With Grunt you can find yourself running into conflict issues or shared

Compromised npm Package: event-stream – intrinsic – Medium - Ownership of a popular npm package, event-stream, was transferred the minified version of the file has additional code injected into it. This issue was made over two months after the compromised package was published.

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Gulp! – Emir's Blog - I wanted to see first hand what the problem that tools like Browserify and . When we introduce Inject the gulp build gets extended to two tasks that Returning a gulp stream from the create-app-js which forces Gulp to wait for

gulp inject html into html

gulp-inject - To do this you can use gulp-angular-filesort together with gulp-inject like so: var angularFilesort = require('gulp-angular-filesort'), inject = require('gulp-inject'); gulp. src('./src/index.shtml') pipe(inject(

gulp-inject-string - Inject snippets in build. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website gulp.src('src/example.shtml').

gulp-inject-in-html - Inject or include HTML/CSS/Javascript files into HTML with gulp.

How can I insert the contents of a file in my index.shtml with gulp - Use a custom transform function to inject the contents of the file: gulp.task('watch- index-html', function () {, function (file) { return

Inject JS and CSS into HTML using Gulp (Example) - Frameworks like Ruby on Rails automatically inject all JS and CSS files into the HTML. This is also possible on a JS-based stack using Gulp

Why specify path to HTML file? · Issue #8 · klei/gulp-inject · GitHub - I hate to ask questions in an issue, but here goes. It seems "un-gulpy" to pass in a file path and to use fs to read that file. Isn't the gulp way to

inject java script files to index.shtml page in particular order but its - Injecting files like this : inject java script files to index.shtml page in particular order but its injecting in . gulp-inject support injected order?

Improve your PWA performance automating inline CSS with Gulp - Instead of requiring the html page and the CSS files, the client will need pwa- gulp-inject-inline-css - Tutorial on how to automate CSS inline

Using Gulp to inject scripts and styles tags directly into your HTML - This is very probably the dullest title for a blog post I've ever come up with. Read on though folks - it's definitely going to pick up I wrote last

How to automate all the things with Gulp – Hacker Noon - After all files have been copied you want to reference them automatically in your main index.shtml. This is done with an 'inject' task and is called

gulp inject transform

klei/gulp-inject: A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent - You can customize gulp-inject further by using the transform function option, e.g. by injecting files into a json-file.

Transform function not called · Issue #153 · klei/gulp-inject · GitHub - Hi everyone, I'm on the latest version of gulp-inject 3.0.0, and I try to My problem is the transform function is never called (I don't have the

Gulp-inject transform doesn't work - The following is working for me even with multiple levels ( /**/*.js instead of /*.js ): gulp.task('inject', function() { gulp.src('./test.shtml') .pipe(inject(

gulp-svgstore - To inline combined svg into html body I suggest using gulp-inject. . To transform either svg sources or combined svg you may pipe your files

Angular Automation: Gulp Inject from @simpulton on @eggheadio - The gulp-inject plugin solves this problem by taking a stream of files, for taking our index.shtml file and transforming it with references from GulpInject. 01:52 We

module gulp-inject.transform.shtml - function gulp-inject (sources, opt); function gulp-inject.transform (filepath, i, length , sourceFile, targetFile); function gulp-inject.transform.haml (filepath); function in gulp-inject - src/app` as static resources in your server to make this work. ### Injecting into a json-file You can customize `gulp-inject` further by using the `transform` function

Automating Linkage or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love - Dependency management with wiredep and gulp-inject . the output folder, and transforms the paths so they're relative to the build index.shtml

gulp-inject by klei - gulp-inject by klei - A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin Injecting with custom transform function with default fallback

Automatic @import of Less/Sass files with Gulp // Michael Bromley - This post describes a way to use Gulp to automatically @import Less files from Gulp-inject is a plugin commonly used to auto-inject css and

gulp inject node_modules

injecting node_modules files add index.js content as main index - mac os 10.13.1 gulp-inject v 4.3.0 'use strict'; var path = require('path'); var gulp = require('gulp'); var conf = require('./conf'); var

gulp-inject - A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.shtml.

npm and gulp - you need not make any change to gulp for every new file you add .. gulp.task(' sass', function() { **return gulp.src(['node_modules/**/*.scss'],

How to automate all the things with Gulp – Hacker Noon - Gulp also enables you to compile, minify and concatenate any files you want. . After gulp-inject has been run, there will be files between these

6 Gulp Best Practices You Can Use Today to Radically Improve - Gulp has quite a few great plugins for dealing with such automated imports, gulp- inject, wiredep, useref, and angular-file-sort being a few good

Managing development and production assets with Gulp - How to combine and minify assets only in production using Gulp and its plugins We would like to keep node_modules and bower_components in . Solution: copy assets downloaded from bower and inject them into HTML.

Gulp for Beginners - You should also see a gulp folder within node_modules . .. task slightly so Browser Sync can inject new CSS styles (update the CSS) into the

Add Gulp Inject to Your AngularJS Application - Use Gulp Inject to auto-inject new JavaScript files into your `index.shtml` page, and save yourself from manually adding new JavaScript

Automatically Add JS/CSS Files to Your Ionic Projects - You can fix this problem using gulp and the gulp inject module to automatically To add the gulp-inject module to the package.json file as a

Index of /node_modules/gulp-inject - Index of /node_modules/gulp-inject index.js, 2018-03-29 03:05, 185. [DIR], node_modules/, 2018-04-12 09:53, -. [ ], package.json, 2018-04-12 09:53, 3.3K.

gulp debug

gulp-debug - Debug Vinyl file streams to see what files are run through your Gulp pipeline.

sindresorhus/gulp-debug: Debug Vinyl file streams to see - Debug Vinyl file streams to see what files are run through your Gulp pipeline - sindresorhus/gulp-debug.

How to debug a Gulp task? - With Node.js version 6.3+ you can use the --inspect flag when running your task. To debug a gulp task named css : Find out where your gulp

How to debug gulp tasks in VSCode – - Debugging — well it's important. And sometimes we write gulp tasks, frameworks such as SharePoint Framework (SPFx) rely heavily on gulp

Run/Debug Configuration: Gulp.js - Help - In this dialog, create configurations for running Gulp.js tasks. Technically, IntelliJ IDEA invokes Gulp.js and processes Gulpfile.js according to the default

Run/Debug Configuration: Gulp.js - Technically, WebStorm invokes Gulp.js and processes Gulpfile.js according to the default Gulp.js run configuration. This is done silently and

Debugging Gulp.js Tasks – Greg Green - Debugging Gulp.js Tasks. Posted on January 27, 2015 . If you're like me, most of your Gulp.js code is pretty straightforward and doesn't have too much going on

Debug mode in gulp – Symmetrycode - I've been using gulp a lot lately (as you can see from my posts). To the uninitiated , gulp is the hottest, sleekest and newest build system in town.

How to Debug Gulp code with Gulp Debug - Javascript - Most Gulp plugins have one source file, less than a hundred lines long. . Stick in a call to gulp-debug anywhere to see which files are coming

10 things to know about Gulp – Teamwork Engine Room - How to Debug Gulp code with Gulp Debug npm plugin. In this video, Stefano will show you how

Error processing SSI file