Multiple stored procedures within a stored procedure and waiting

I have seen several posts similar to this but none with a strait forward answer. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have taught myself SQL and am still learning.

I have a stored procedure that a user starts from an Excel document. That stored procedure runs several other stored procedures. These internal stored procedures need to run in sequence. My question is, will stored procedure 2 wait for stored procedure 1 to finish before starting?

I need to make sure that the second one does not start before the first one finishes.


As Ben indicates, it would be helpful to specify which database you're using because every database's procedural extensions to SQL (PL/SQL in Oracle, T-SQL in SQL Server, etc.) are different. That being said, however, I am not aware of any database that would do anything other than have stored procedure 1 run to completion, then run stored procedure 2. That's true of any procedural language, whatever is on line N of a procedure has to run to completion before whatever is on line N+1 of that procedure can run.

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