How do I move div after its next div

How do I move a div after its next div. For instance I have 3 different div sitting here.

<div class="div1">Div1</div>
<div class="div2">Div2</div>
<div class="div3">Div3</div>

I wan to move first div after the second div. It means div2 will be first and div1 will be second. I have bunch of same html format.

I want to execute jquery something like

$(".div1").each(function() {

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.


you can get the .next() element, and place it .after()


you can .insertAfter() the .next() element

$(".div1").each(function() {
    var item = $(this);

    //either this:;

    //or this:


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