Error running ensime-source-buffer-loaded-hook - OSX with ENSIME and Emacs

I get the following error when trying to start ENSIME on OSX through Emacs

Error running ensime-source-buffer-loaded-hook

I am following the instructions from the github source page

  1. Scala Mode is Working
  2. ENSIME Server appears to be installed, is there any way to verify this?
  3. The sbt plugin is installed and I have a .ensime config file generated

Starting Emacs gives me the above error. When I manually try M-x ensime I get the following:

Failed to connect to Swank: server process exited.


Okay, here's how I solved it:

Locate the ensime folder and run bin/server /tmp/ensime.port. I got the error:

java -classpath ... org.ensime.server.Server ./port
Unrecognized VM option '+DoEscapeAnalysis'
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

I have no idea what DoEscapeAnalysis is for, but I tried deleting it from bin/server and now everything seems to work.

See here:

For my case on Windows 7, with the same error message, but the root cause was the original setting for the maximum heap size -Xmx1512M was too large, I had to change to -Xmx768M to get over the error message.

I had also removed the byte compiled elisp code, and restart to avoid another error of "call time out".

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