jQuery - Find element with rel attribute

I have two kind of elements

<i rel="tooltip" class='icon-ok'>
<i title="Teste" class='icon-info'>

The first one is a tooltip effect, the second a popover

What I'm trying to do is avoid rework so I don't need to create a script based on the class on every html I have.

I did this on my base html:


The problem is that it is adding the tooltip effect on the other <i> elements without the rel attribute.

I need to search for elements with the rel attribute and set the tooltip effect on them.



If I try to do the opposite of what was said on the correct answer, get the <i> elements without the rel attribute. Found the solution here: jQuery selectors - find objects without specified attribute

vrutberg - jQuery("li:not([style])").hide();




the exact one


yon can select all elements with href att with this selector




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