ODBC Connection string for php

I had developed one website purely in HTML.I have my form with fields like name,address,qualification etc.On click of submit button, i wanted to save these details into mysql database.

I installed mysql driver(mysqlconnector) using myodbc-3.51.11-2-win.msi setup.The ODBC connection from control panel is also done successfully.

From my html page i am calling php page as follow:

<form action="database.php" method="post">

I am coding in CSE html validator. I wanted the code to connect to mysql database using odbc connection from php.

I installed XAMPP on my system.Does CSE html validator support php?? Please help me out.Thank you in advance.


The possibility of implementing this aside, this strikes me as a terrible idea - you're going to include the connection string in plaintext on the client side, so that anyone accessing the HTML page can see your DB username & password?

You could technically do this using ActiveX - Google 'ActiveXObject("ADODB.Connection");' for information on that, but it would only really work on Internet Explorer browsers. You'd be much better off implementing a server-side interface in a language such as PHP, C#, or even Server-Side JS (ie Node.js) to maintain security & cross-browser compatibility.

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