How to switch activity with item specific data sent

I've had a look around, and it might be because I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I can't find out how to do something I presume should be quite easy with android.

I have an array of data to display on the screen. This data is a class that holds a database key, name and image.

I'm currently displaying this data as an ImageView and a TextView. I loop through the array and add a new row to a TableLayout containing the image and text.

I'd like both the image and text to be clickable, changing to a new activity.

This new activity needs to know the database key of the row clicked in order to display the correct data.

Here's what I have so far:

private void fillSuggestionTable(TableLayout tabSuggestions, Suggestion[] arrToAdd)
    for(int i = 0; i < arrToAdd.length; i++)
        /* Create a new row to be added. */
        TableRow trSuggestion = new TableRow(this);
        trSuggestion.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT,LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT));

        /* Create objects for the row-content. */
        ImageView imgDisplayPicture = new ImageView(this);
        ImageHandler.loadBitmap(arrToAdd[i].strImageURL, imgDisplayPicture);
        imgDisplayPicture.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(50,50));

        TextView txtArtistName = new TextView(this);

        /* Add data to row. */

        /* Add row to TableLayout. */
        tabSuggestions.addView(trSuggestion, new TableLayout.LayoutParams(LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT, LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT));


Is there a reason you're using a TableView? it seems like what you want to accomplish would be much easier with a ListView & custom CursorAdapter, where the adapter can handle translating from the database to the ListView row. At that point starting a new activity that knows the database ID is trivial:

mListView.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
  public void onItemClick (AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) {
    Intent i = new Intent(MyActivity.this, MyOtherActivity.class);
    i.putExtra("database_id", id);

And in MyOtherActivity:

private int dbId;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  //do stuff
  dbId = getIntent().getIntExtra("database_id", -1); // the -1 is the default if the extra can't be found

To pass extra data to another Activity, you need to add extra information with the Intent.putExtra(name, value) methods.

For example, to send the Intent:

Intent i = new Intent([pass info about next Activity here]);
i.putExtra("databaseKey", databaseKey);

To get the data out again:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstance)
    // Do all initial setup here

    Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
    if (extras != null && extras.containsKey("databaseKey"))
        int databaseKey = extras.getInt("databaseKey");
        // Load database info
        // No data was passed, do something else

EDIT: To find out when the table's row is clicked, you'll need to implement View.OnClickListener and set the onClickListener for the TableRows you use.

For example:

/* Create a new row to be added. */
TableRow trSuggestion = new TableRow(this);

The only problem you'll have is relating a View's ID to the related database row ID. A HashMap should help.

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