Facebook does not show all open graph images

I have a webpage with some standard open graph meta tags for Facebook. My problem is that if I place a link to the page in a facebook status message it shows only 2 of 5 images. The 2. and the 3. but not the others.

My first thought was: I did something wrong so I checked the page with the FB Debugger but there it shows all images. I waited a week now but the problem did not solve it self.

Any thoughts on this?

This bug might be related, but it also has no solution: https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/107341092730662


The issue is related to the dimensions of images you provide. The images that omitted from appearance in feed are those having ratio of sides more than 3:1.

The page you provided have 5 images (those with ratio more than 3 will not be used by Like Button):

250 × 67 -> ratio 3.73
250 × 186 -> ratio 1.34 (this image will work)
250 × 166 -> ratio 1.5 (this image will work)
251 × 59 -> ratio 4.25
172 × 54 -> ratio 3.18

There point is to avoid usage of too long or too wide images that may not be suitable for displaying in small sizes in feed.

I have seen conflicting information on whether the image has to be 50px x 50px, or as large as 200px x 200px. As of today (9 Sept. 2012), it is clear to me from both experience and from FB's own documentation, that:

the MINIMUM size of a graphic must be 200px x 200px, to be successfully used as the og:image.

Otherwise, I believe the aspect ratio and format info have not changed from that noted by previous posters.

I found that thiswarning occured if there is a space at the end of the desciption.

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