Updating MySQL Workbench OS X Lion

I currently have version 5.2.37 and I want to update to 5.2.38. How do I do this and keep my DB connections? Are they stored outside of the application or will I have to recreate the connections?


Your settings (stored server connection/instances, logs, preferences, etc.) are stored in a separate directory (~/.mysql/workbench in Linux/Mac OSX and %APPDATA%/MySQL/Workbench in Windows) and will not be affected when you upgrade. Once you do the upgrade you will see that all of your settings are in place and working.

It is a good idea to upgrade Workbench to 5.2.38 since it includes a lot of bug fixes.

Hope this helps.

I haven't used it, but I'd be astonished if your settings weren't kept. I'm not even sure that your settings could be kept inside the app itself. More likely they're kept in your home directory, somewhere under "Library".

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