Iphone+Xcode+Badge "A" or "M" resembles what?

In Xcode, in the navigation area on the left, next to a few files, on the right there is a little icon badge, M or sometimes A.

What is that for?

Is there any option that I left selected while creating New Project or are any project settings responsible for this?


this responds to your git/svn repository

source: Apple Dev Library: Managing Versions of your Project

Locally modified

Updated in repository

Locally added    

Locally deleted


Replaced in the repository

The contents of the folder have mixed status; display the contents to see individual status

Not under source control

This is because you might have selected option as shown in below image when you created your application project, so this creates a repository for your application:

A indicates Added Files
M indicates Modified Files which are came by default with project

NO it just shows you the file is A for Added and M for Modified by user

It is probably because you enabled Git SCM when you created the project. M means modified, and A means added. When you commit the changes the markers will disappear.

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