Auto complete property in c#

I have noticed many times developers use like a quick key to generate properties but I can not find what that key is. Is there a list i can look at with all the short keys?. what i am referring to is like when you do

Highlight method + F12 takes you to the reference (for example), there is one specifically that would help me a lot, the property auto complete it usually puts something like

public int something, and the color shows as green or something. Any help would be much appreciated.


This is done with snippets. The default snippet can be expanded by typing prop and then pressing TAB.

Need Your Help

Is it possible to use NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSNumber "literals" in Xcode 4.3? (LLVM 4.0)

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Apparently, the new Objective-C literals have landed into the clang trunk, and thus lifted the shadowy veil of any NDA's.

UIDatePicker does not want to work on 32-bit iOS

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I use UIDatePicker inside a view that works perfectly on 64-bit, but on 32-bit devices it does not seem to snap into different items (day, month, year), so that the valueChanged event is never