Logical fallacy detection and/or identification with natural-language-processing

Is there a package or methodology in existence for the detection of flawed logical arguments in text?

I was hoping for something that would work for text that is not written in an academic setting (such as a logic class). It might be a stretch but I would like something that can identify where logic is trying to be used and identify the logical error. A possible use for this would be marking errors in editorial articles.

I don't need anything that is polished. I wouldn't mind working to develop something either so I'm really looking for what's out there in the wild now.


That's a difficult problem, because you'll have to map natural language to some logical representation, and deal with ambiguity in the process.

Attempto Project may be interesting for you. It has several tools that you can try online. In particular, RACE may be doing something you wanted to do. It checks for consistency on the given assertions. But the bigger issue here is in transforming them to logical forms.

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