Apache Commons Math SpearmansCorrelation - How to use

I am trying to use Apache Commons Math's SpearmansCorrelation but I am having some difficulty as I do not have enough background in mathematics/statistics.

I have researched Spearman's Rank Correlation from:

I have found the following examples:

I would like to calculate the correlation between two lists of my class:

public class TestClass{
    int rank; // there may be two or more classes with the same rank - will need an averaging ties strategy

From which I have deduced the following:

NaturalRanking naturalRanking = new NaturalRanking(NaNStrategy.FIXED,

RealMatrix dataMatrix= createRealMatrix(double[], int, int); // what do I need this matrix for and what parameters do I need to pass?

SpearmansCorrelation sc = SpearmansCorrelation(dataMatrix, naturalRanking);
sc.correlation(double[],double[]);// I have to convert my class into a list of doubles? How? 


For the example found in the link you provided, all you need to do is:

new SpearmansCorrelation().correlation(mathsList,englishList);

The class will average ties by default.

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