SharePoint2010 Feature activation does not act the same if manually or powershell script

I have a SharePoint solution, containing 3 Features. One feature is Site scoped, and two are Web scoped.

The site feature contains different lists, 2 workflows and content types. Two of them are quasi similar, one is called CTTaskAchat, and the other one is called CTTaskAccord The two web features contains lists definitions, lists instance and event Receiver.

When i deploy the solution with my powershell script and that I enable the feature with the powershell script, almost everything works pretty fine. The problem is that i can't find my content type CTTaskAccord nowhere. And I don't understand why i can't find it whereas i can find the CTTaskAchat content type.

If i deploy the solution with my powershell script, but that I activate the feature manually (i.e. through the Site Settings menu) the content type does appear.

So if you have any idea of where I could find my solution.

For your information, I would love to delete all the site collection and create a new one, but it's an update of the solution, so it's not possible.

EDIT : I've just noticed that some other points of the feature don't get activate (i have a list which doesn't exists with powershell but exists when i activate the feature manually)


You able to find the content type inside : Site Actions -> Galleries -> Site Content Types.

when you activated the site feature just check the feature is activated properly.

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