How to properly encode UTF-8 for JavaScript and JSON?

I have a problem creating an input validation hash. JavaScript submits data to API and API validates the sent data with json_encode. Basically it works like this:

$input=array('name'='John Doe','city'=>'New York');
$validationHash=sha1(json_encode($input).$key); // Key is known to both servers

If PHP connects to another server, then everything works. It also works through JavaScript (I have a custom sha1() function there as well):

var validationHash=sha1(JSON.stringify({'name':'John Doe','city'=>'New York'})+key);

My problem comes when the string contains UTF-8 characters. For example, if one of the values is:


Then PHP server that receives the command converts it to this after JSON encoding:


I need to do this in JavaScript as well, but I haven't been able to work out how. I need to make sure that I send proper validation hash to the server or the command fails. I found from Google that unescape(encodeURIComponent(string)) and decodeURIComponent() could be used, but neither gives me the same string that PHP has and validates with.

UTF-8 is used on both client and server.

Any ideas?


It does not seem to be possible. The only working solution I have found is to encode all data with encodeURIComponent() on browser side and with rawurlencode() on PHP side and then calculate the JSON from these values in arrays.

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