While loop code keeps running

For some reason this code doesn't print anything and doesn't stop running, can anybody tell me what is going wrong here?

l = [1,2]
i = 0
k = l[i]+l[i+1]
while k <= 10:
    i += 1

print l


The value of k (and therefore the loop condition) is set before the loop using the current value of i (0), and never changes during the loop execution. You would have to reassign k based on the new value for i inside the loop for it to change.

Python evaluates the value of k so that k isn't the expression, but the result of that expression:

k = l[i]+l[i+1]   # In your case it's l[0] + l[1] = 3

You probably want to evaluate k every loop:

l = [1,2]
i = 0

for i in range(0, 10 + 1):
  l.append(l[i] + l[i + 1])

print l

And just for fun, a more Pythonic Fibonacci sequence generator (literally):

def Fibonacci():
  a, b = 0, 1

  while True:
    yield a

    a += b
    a, b = b, a

for n in Fibonacci():

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