Fetching by key vs fetching by filter in Google App Engine

I want to be as efficient as possible and plan properly. Since read and write costs are important when using Google App Engine, I want to be sure to minimize those. I'm not understanding the "key" concept in the datastore. What I want to know is would it be more efficient to fetch an entity by its key, considering I know what it is, than by fetching by some kind of filter?

Say I have a model called User and a user has an array(list) of commentIds. Now I want to get all this user's comments. I have two options:

  1. The user's array of commentId's is an array of keys, where each key is a key to a Comment entity. Since I have all the keys, I can just fetch all the comments by their keys.

  2. The user's array of commentId's are custom made identifiers by me, in this case let's just say that they're auto-incrementing regular integers, and each comment in the datastore has a unique commentIntegerId. So now if I wanted to get all the comments, I'd do a filtered fetch based on all comments with ID that is in my array of ids.

Which implementation would be more efficient, and why?


  1. Fetching by key is the fastest way to get an entity from the datastore since it the most direct operation and doesn't need to go thru index lookup.
  2. Each time you create an entry (unless you specified key_name) the app engine will generate a unique (per parent entity) numeric id, you should use that as ids for your comments.

You should design a NoSql database (= GAE Datastore) based on usage patterns:

If you need to get all user's comments at once and never need to get one or some of them based on some criteria (e.g. query them), than the most efficient way, in terms of speed and cost would be to serialize all comments as a binary blob inside an entity (or save it to Blobstore).

But I guess this is not the case, as comments are usually tied to both users and to posts, right? In this case above advice would not be viable.

To answer you title question: get by key is always faster then query by a property, because query first goes through index to satisfy the property condition, where it gets the key, then it does the get with this key.

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