cxf-codegen-plugin doesn't generate sources

I'm trying to get the cxf-codegen-plugin to generate sources from my wsdl file. When calling wsdl2java manual the desired classes are generated but when using mvn generate-sources nothing happens and I get the message "No goals needed for project". Calling the plugin directly doesn't helps.

The extract from my poms follows:



That looks very much like the way I (successfully) configure that plugin in one of my projects; I would expect that to work. (I believe you can omit the <sourceRoot>; the default setting for that is the one you've stated.)

The only thing I can think of would be if you had put that plugin configuration in either a non-active Maven profile or (more likely) in the <pluginManagement> section instead of the straight <plugins> section; the pluginManagement section overrides aspects of the configuration of plugins, but doesn't actually enable them for use. (It does however affect explicit usage; I know you don't want to do that.)

In my case at least, I thought it wasn't generating source code as well, but it actually was. The issue was that the folder target/generated/cxf was designated by Eclipse as a source folder, which I didn't do manually. So the source was toward the top of my project, in package structure, not in the folder structure below, which is where I was looking and expecting it to be.

In my case as long as I had the old target directory (defined in <sourceRoot>/path/to/target</sourceRoot>) nothing was being generated. Only after deleting the target folder manually plugin actually started to generate the sources.

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