powershell - how to check if transcript is running?

I get this message everytime my script doesn't end properly and stop-transcript is not executed:

Start-Transcript : Transcription has already been started. Use the stop-transcr
ipt command to stop transcription.
At C:\ps\003desifrovanie.ps1:4 char:17
+ start-transcript <<<<  -path c:\_LOG\sfrbdesifrovanie.log -append
+ CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Start-Transcript], InvalidOpe
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.InvalidOperationException,Microsoft.Power

Is it possible to check if transcript is running and stop it with if-then at start of the script? Or how to reliably stop it at the end? Thank you


What about an empty try-catch block at the beginning of your powershell script to stop transcribing?

catch [System.InvalidOperationException]{}

Wouldn't something like this work?

    # Do my stuff


From the documentation: The Finally block statements run regardless of whether the Try block encounters a terminating error. Windows PowerShell runs the Finally block before the script terminates or before the current block goes out of scope. A Finally block runs even if you use CTRL+C to stop the script. A Finally block also runs if an Exit keyword stops the script from within a Catch block.

Try the Test-Transcribing function available here: http://poshcode.org/1500

 if(Test-Transcribing) {Stop-Transcript}

try { 
     Start-Transcript -path $myOutLog

} catch { 


       Start-Transcript -path $myOutLog 

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