What's the best implementation of safe navigation operator

Is there an operator in C# that behaves like the safe navigation operator in groovy?

For instance, in groovy, doing something like this will prevent it from getting a NullPointerException if SessionData.CurrentSeminar is null.

int respId = SessionData.CurrentSeminar?.SeminCbaRespId;

How is this accomplished with C#?


That operator does not exist in C#. You could do it with an inline-if

int respId = SessionData.CurrentSeminar != null ? 
   SessionData.CurrentSeminar.SeminCbaRespId : default(int);

or as an extension method.

var respId = SessionData.CurrentSeminar.GetSeminCbaRespId();

public static int GetSeminCbaRespId(this typeofCurrentSeminar CurrentSeminar)
   return CurrentSeminar != null ? CurrentSeminar.SeminCbaRespId : default(int);

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