how to set ttf font in emacs

I have installed liberation-fonts package and xfontsel sees its fonts. But emacs not. Why? If possible I would do without X resources file.

(set-default-font "-*-liberation serif-*-*-*-*-17-*-*-*-*-*-*-*")

p.s. I trying it on gentoo.


You can also try set-default-font, like this:

(set-default-font "Liberation Mono-13")


(set-default-font "Liberation Mono-13:bold")

in your .emacs file (the docs for this function advise using set-frame-font instead, but set-default-font still works in Emacs 24).

You might find these links interesting:

A nice way to set fonts in Emacs is through ~/.Xdefaults:

Emacs.font: Inconsolata:size=16:antialise:true
Emacs.fontBackend: xft

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