Left Navigation won't expand to 100% Magento

I am working on a Magento store at: http://nscar.org/magento/

I am trying to get the left navigation to expand to 100% of the container that the products are in. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I'm guessing what you really want to do is to have the orange background repeat over the whole left sidebar. For that you just need to set the background for #left instead of #publicnav.

In /magento/skin/frontend/default/css/styles.css add this where appropriate:

#left {
    height: 100%;

In your css for .col-left the background image isn't being found, changing it from ..images/background.gif to ../images/background.gif works.

Try to set height of the left menu dynamically using javascript according to the main body of the page. The below code will helps you.

var leftH       = 0;
var rightH      = 0;
var minHeight   = 0;

function resize() {  
    leftH   = document.getElementById('box7-container').offsetHeight;
    rightH  = document.getElementById('box8-container').offsetHeight;
    minHeight= (leftH > rightH) ? leftH : rightH ;


function adjust_heights() {
    var left    = document.getElementById('leftDivId');
    var right   = document.getElementById('rightDivId');
    minHeight = minHeight - 9;
    if(rightH == minHeight)
        left.style.height   = (minHeight) + 'px';
        right.style.height  = (minHeight) + 'px'; 

Change the leftDivId and rightDivId with appropriate div ids.

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