JSON library problems using both Facebook API and Google Places API in the same app

I'm encountering a problem with the JSON library using both Facebook API and Google Places API in the same app. I've tried them both independently and they work fine. The problem is though that I now have 2 sets of some of the JSON files (when using both Google and FB API).

I've tried removing one set but this only brings about more errors.

The SBJSON.h from the Facebook API is different than the SBJson.h from the Google Places API. I'm not sure how to work around this. any help would be great.


Two solutions:

  • A. Custom prefix one of the 2 sbJson libraries and accordingly adjust the SDK (I wouldn't recommend this as it is a lot of work)
  • B. Use one of the 2 libraries and fix the errors in the FB or Google SDK

The differences usually are minor and a few changes will do the trick...

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