How to get a working example of jboss7.1 arquillan test?

Since two days, i'm trying to run an example of "Arquillan" Test using jboss 7.1.1 but they are always many errors. Nothing is working like i can read in many tutorial found in the Internet. Please where i can download a full working example that show how to use Arquillan Test with Jboss7.1.1 ? Thank


I hope you are using maven. To get a working example of an Arquillian test with JBoss-7.1.1-Final you can create a new project using the following archetype: org.jboss.spec.archetypes:jboss-javaee6-ear-webapp-archetype:7.1.1.Beta1 (this is the most recent version at the time of writing). The test is located in the ejb-module.

Then follow the instructions in

To run the test in JBoss AS 7, first start a JBoss AS 7 instance. Then, run the test goal with the following profile activated:

mvn clean test -Parq-jbossas-remote

It's necessary to set skip to false in /pom.xml:


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