Library for drag and drop to specific areas

What library can I use to implement the following kind of functionality on Linux:

My goal is a locally installed app so stuff like JQuery is out of the question.

Preferred languages are C, Perl. But it doesn't have to be strictly confined to those 2 languages.

Any hints to which part of the library I should look at will be deeply appreciated.



In case your question is still up to date:

You could take a look at QT, which is a very good gui framework (KDE is built on top of QT) It really has tons of features and stuff, and you can of course build GUIs that support drag & drop. The framework is in C++ though.

The GTK framework (base of the gnome desktop environment) has C as well as C++ libs (

Of course there are other gui libraries and frameworks for linux (, I for one, would always choose QT over any other framework, because the API and documentation is really great.

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