Creating a JApplet using netbeans and maven

Hi so ive been trying to create a JApplet do create a GUI for a project im working on. But I cannot seem to be able to get it to work when using maven with the project. I have created the GUI visually this far, and it works fine in a non-maven setting. I require maven in order to get some packages I need to run my project...

So my question is, what steps do i need to take in order to get a working JApplet using maven?

My applet class name is ArFileJApplet and its in the package com.allcare.ArFile with the project name being ArFile.

Also I was hoping to be able to run this applet as a web service naturally...

I get the feeling that is has something to do with the .jar file i need for the applet to run, does maven generate this? and where can i find its name?


I decided to use an ANT script instead, this worked much better for grabbing libraries and gave me no troubles.

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