Blacklist IP database

Is there an open database of blacklisted IP for the Web? With a lot of public web proxy you know... such the blacklist used by the Global blocking of Wikipedia.


The Project Honeypot provides as service called Http:BL. As an active member of Project Honeypot you can query their database of IPs that are known as email address harvesters or comment spammers.

You can use Blacklist IP Addresses Live Database from -

They have latest Blacklist IPs collected during the last 10 days for use in .htaccess file or in website firewall.

Google has a Safe Browsing API that lets you check against a db of hashed values. It's public and it's encrypted. They have two databases; phishing and malware data in 2 separate blacklists. However, they contain hostnames, not IPs, but perhaps its something you could use.

For blackips (optimized for iptables/ipset)

For blackdomains (optimized for squid)

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