Too many arguments to method call

I am trying to set the initial text for what the twitter message should say in my app using a NSString from my appDelegate. Check out the code here:

    NSString *tweet;
tweet=[MyWebFunction tweet:appDelegate.stadium_id];

if([deviceType hasPrefix:@"5."]){

    // Create the view controller
    TWTweetComposeViewController *twitter = [[TWTweetComposeViewController alloc] init];

    [twitter setInitialText:@"@%",tweet];

The problem is, is there is an error at the twitter setInitialText that there are Too many arguments to method call, expected 1, have 2. ?!?!?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


The TWTweetComposeViewController method setInitialText only takes one argument, being of type NSString*. You cannot simply format any and all NSString variables passed to a method as you can with the NSString method stringWithFormat (which is, I imagine, where you've seen the syntax [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", myString]).

In your case, you either need to simply call:

[twitter setInitialText:tweet];

or call:

[twitter setInitialText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", tweet]]

EDIT I feel it necessary to add, to further your understanding, that a method only takes a variable number of arguments (such as stringWithFormat) when its declaration ends with ...

For example, looking in the docs for NSString reveals that stringWithFormat is declared as such:

+(id) stringWithFormat:(NSString *)format, ...;

Similarly, arrayWithObjects in NSArray is declared as such:

+(id) arrayWithObjects:(id)firstObj, ...;

which one would use like:

NSString* myString1 = @"foo";
NSString* myString2 = @"bar";
NSNumber* myNumber = [NSNumber numberWithInt:42];
NSArray* myArray = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:myString1, myString2, myNumber, nil];

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