What does the 'Static' keyword do?

I have a program where there are two shapes Player1 and Player2, both inherited by the class Player.

Public class Player{

    public int xPos;
    public int yPos;

    // more code


The player1 class:

Public class Player1 extends Player{

    public Player(){
        xPos = 200;
        yPos = 200;
    // more code

The Player2 class:

Public class Player2 extends Player{

    public Player2(){

        xPos = 400;
        yPos = 200;
// more code

In this case, should I use static for the xPos and yPos in the Player class?


If xPos and yPos were static, every instance of a Player would have the same position.

No. Static variables are members of the class, you want your position variables to be members of the object (non-static).

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