Eventbrite - Getting past events

I'm using eventbrite.com, and I'm trying use the rest API to get all the previous events for my user (organizer in eventbrite). I am expecting to get events that have occurred in the past.

I'm using the following url:


However, I get nothing returned. ever. I am sure that have some events that happened in the past. I am successfully getting events in the future. so there's nothing wrong with my client\app key\spelling\whatever.


With the newer Eventbrite APIv3 the endpoint changed to /users/me/owned_events The API comes with an API Explorer, which lets you see detailed debugging information for any endpoint just by going to it in a web browser.

Paste this url with your token id into your browser to get all past events:


The result is a paginated response of all the events your user account is organizing.

The event_search method is meant to return publicly available information about upcoming events only.

Try user_list_events instead:


You also have the option of creating an Organizer Profile Page, allowing you to group similar events together. The organizer_list_events API call may be useful for folks who are using that feature.

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