jquery accordian hide show visible event trigger

I have coded a basic accordian which toggles elements in a form using next and previous buttons. The accordian is working as designed and does not require any editting. I am now required to fire a a function only once when a a designated accordian pane is displayed. The senario being that the trggered function should only fire once even if a user revisits that pane.

This has me slighlty confused about how to go about doing this using jquerys live event and or visible psuedocode.

Any direction.help would be gladly appreciated.


I don't know what your code looks like, but assuming you have some sort of callback for when a panel becomes active, with some sort of reference to a DOM node representing that panel, you could do something like this:

if(! $(panel).data('initialized') ) {
   // initialize panel
   $(panel).data('initialized', true);

I would use the accordionchange event, to bind to it you can do this

$('.ui-accordion').bind('accordionchange', function(event, ui) { alert('hello world'); });

Replace the selector $('.ui-accordion') with the unique path to the accordion you want to bind to.

Update to cater for the once only

In your method use


to ensure it only fires once.

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