tecdoc WebService apache axis in .net client

I am trying to use a Web Service generated on Apache Axis:


VehicleManufacturers3Request req = new VehicleManufacturers3Request()
        provider = 289,
        lang = "fr",
        carType ="1",
        evalFavor = false,
        favouredList = 1,
        countryGroupFlag = false,
        countriesCarSelection = "fr"

getVehicleManufacturers3RequestBody requestBody = new getVehicleManufacturers3RequestBody(req);
getVehicleManufacturers3Request request = new getVehicleManufacturers3Request(requestBody);

TecdocToCat cat = new TecdocToCatClient();           

getVehicleManufacturers3Response response = cat.getVehicleManufacturers3(request);

Using fiddler I see that I get response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <getVehicleManufacturers3Return xmlns="">
            <statusText xsi:nil="true"/>

But response.Body is empty.

Can somebody say what are the possbile problems?


The problem was that I was using wrong version of the web service.

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