Sitecore AdvancedDatabaseCrawler advantages/benefits

I tried using Sitecore.Search namespace and it seems to do basic stuff. I am now evaluating AdvancedDatabaseCrawler module by Alex Shyba. What are some of the advantages of using this module instead of writing my own crawler and search functions?




  • You don't have to write anything.
  • It handles a lot of the code you need to write to even query Sitecore, e.g. basic search, basic search with field-level sorting, field-level searches, relation searches (GUID matches for lookup fields), multi-field searches, numeric range and date range searches, etc.
  • It handles combined searches, with logical operators
  • You can access the code.
  • This video shows samples of the code and front-end running various search types.


  • None that I can think of, because if you find an issue or a way to extend it, you have full access to the code and can amend it per your needs. I've done this before by creating the GetHashCode() and Equals() methods for the SkinnyItem class.

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