Jquery Slideshow in page not working

I am trying to integrate a jquery slideshow, but its doesn't work. I am using 3 files jquery, jquery cycle plugin and slideshow stylesheet, both are included in page but slidesow is not moving. Here is the link, the slideshow is in #slider ul .


The relavant folder which has js and stylesheet is 'cat-slider'.

This is jquery function in the head section

    <script type="text/javascript">

    $(".slider ul")
        prev:   '.slider .controls .prev', 
        next:   '.slider .controls .next',
        timeout: 3000,
        pager:   '.slider .controls .pages',
        pagerAnchorBuilder: pagerFactory,
        before: function(Ec, En, o, f) 
            var classTarget = $(Ec);
            var nextClassTarget = $(En);

            classTarget = classTarget.context.attributes.rel.value;
            nextClassTarget = nextClassTarget.context.attributes.rel.value;

            $('.slider .controls .' + classTarget).removeClass('selected');
            $('.slider .controls .' + nextClassTarget).addClass('selected');

    // Pager Function
    function pagerFactory(idx, slide) 
        var selected = (idx == 0 ? 'selected' : null);
        return '<img src="http://mysite.com/wp-content/plugins/cat- slider/images/blank.gif" width="13" height="14" class="number '+ selected + ' ' + parseInt(idx+1)+'" />';



I checked Your code with some breakpoints and as it turned out browser even don't jump into Your script code. Try change this:


to this:

$(function() {

That's not a joke ;) I heard recently that in JS sometimes ';' are inserted automatically at the end of the line even if we don't want that in that place. Maybe it is happening in Your code.

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