Why do I not receive the WM_MENUCHAR message?

I implemented an IContextMenu3 interface and I am trying to capture keystrokes for my own custom accelerator. The problem is that if i hover over my submenu in the root menu I dont get any WM_MENUCHAR messages whereas if I hover over a submenu that is inside one of my submenu's then I do.

I know that the WM_INITMENUPOPUP message only gets sent if there is a child. The WM_MENUCHARhas the caveat that no accelerators are bound to the key. I know this caveat to be held since when I press a key, I get the distinctive 'no-accelerator' beep.

Is there another caveat that I am not aware of?

This is the smallest code I can get that reproduces the problem:

HRESULT CFolderViewImplContextMenu::QueryContextMenu(HMENU hmenu, UINT uMenuIndex, UINT idCmdFirst, UINT idCmdLast, UINT /* uFlags */)
UINT uID = idCmdFirst;
HMENU hSubmenu = CreatePopupMenu();

MENUITEMINFO mii = { 0 };
mii.cbSize = sizeof(MENUITEMINFO);
mii.dwTypeData = str_toWchar("test");
mii.wID = uID++;
mii.hSubMenu = hSubmenu;    

InsertMenuItem ( hmenu, 0, TRUE, &mii );
InsertMenu ( hSubmenu, 0, MF_BYPOSITION, uID++, L"&Notepad" );
InsertMenu ( hSubmenu, 1, MF_BYPOSITION , uID++, L"&Internet Explorer" );

HMENU hSubmenu2 = CreatePopupMenu();
MENUITEMINFO mii2 = {0};
mii2.cbSize = sizeof(MENUITEMINFO);

mii2.fType  = MFT_OWNERDRAW;
mii2.wID    = uID++;
mii2.hSubMenu = hSubmenu2;
InsertMenuItem ( hSubmenu, 0, TRUE, &mii2 );

InsertMenuA ( hSubmenu2, 0, MF_BYPOSITION, uID++, "");



WM_MENUCHAR is forwarded only for submenus. (It can't be forwarded for top-level menu items because that would be a Catch-22. You want to forward it to the context menu handler for the menu item that the the key corresponds to, but you can't do that until you have the answer to WM_MENUCHAR!)

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