PHP html and php integration (Sorry for the vague title)

I am using php to create another .php file. I made it like so:

$file = fopen($Title . ".php" ,"w") or die("File Creation error: " . mysql_error());
$textToWrite =
&lt;?php include("Header.php") ?&gt;
//Body of the webpage
$textToWrite = htmlspecialchars($textToWrite);

fwrite($file, $textToWrite);

where $Title is a non-empty variable.

I have come to see that htmlspecialchars does the exact oposite to what I want. Instead of converting the > and the < to > and < it does the oposite. Is there any other option because puting thr <?php dirrectly gives me a php error. Thank you.



Have you tried using html_entity_decode()?

Heredocs and nowdocs let you use PHP tags as string data:

<? //PHP 5.4+
<? include("Header.php"); ?>
//Body of webpage

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