Removing <tr> using javascript

How can i remove entire <tr> from a table using javascript without using getElementByID because i do not have any IDs of table tr or tds


Assume your table has id="mytable":

This is how you get all the trs:

1. var trs = document.getElementById("mytable").rows; or
2. var trs = document.getElementById("mytable").getElementsByTagName("tr");

Now do this:

while(trs.length>0) trs[0].parentNode.removeChild(trs[0]);

If you don't have id for your table and you have only one table on the page, do this:

var trs = document.getElementsByTagName("table")[0].rows;

It would be hard to remove a specific tr if you don't give it an id. If you want to remove certain kind of trs, give them a class attribute and remove only those trs with this class attribute.

Once you have identified the <tr> you wish to remove (you haven't provided enough context to your question to suggest (without making lots of assumptions) how you might do that):


You could try something like this with jQuery:

    $('tr, td').remove();

Or if — for whatever reason — you'd like to remove all contents of a table:


try something like this

          <script src=""></script>

          $("button").click(function () {


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