Trying to get sybase db to connect via isql command line.... Gui RazorSQL works

Im using RazorSQL and the settings to connect is

GUI RazorSQL Connections show as

 Driver Class  net.sourcefourge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

 Driver Location  /Java/drivers/jtds/jtds12.jar

 JDBC URL   jdbc:jtds:sybase://IP-address:4100/DATABASE

LINUX connections show



    host =
    port = 4100
    tds version = 8.0
    dump file = /var/log/freetds.log



     Driver          = /usr/local/freetds/lib/
     Description     = Sybase JDBC Server
     Trace           = No
     Server          =
     Database        = SYB
     Port            = 4100
     TDS_Version     = 5.0

End goal is to connect to the sybase db Via command line so i can build them in bash scripts but i cant seem to connect to it via ISQL

not sure if theres a driver or jar needed or something really.


Try changing your odbc.ini file and use Servername=Serverconnection instead of Server= This points your odbc.ini file back to your freetds.conf file to get connection info, which is under [Serverconnection]. Whatever is in your freetds.conf need not be repeated in your odbc.ini file.

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