OPENQUERY update on linked server

I want to execute the following statement through from a linked server (openquery):

                                FROM SAP_IMPORT_CUSTOMERS import, SAP_PLANT plant
                                WHERE plant.SAP_FL = import.SAP_NO
                                AND import.role ='OWNER')

I've tried to form it into the following syntax, without success :(

update openquery(‘my_linked_server, ‘select column_1, column_2 from table_schema.table_name where pk = pk_value’)
set column_1 = ‘my_value1′, column_2 = ‘my_value2′

I hope for you this is no problem?


I guess this is not really a query you want to open, rather an SQL statement you want to execute. So instead of openquery, you shoud use execute. See example G here:

So your script shoul look like

execute ('your sql command here') at my_linked_server

Are you getting syntax error? Your server parameter in the update openquery is missing a trailing quote. Change ```my_linked_servertomy_linked_server'`.

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