Is it possible to align a serie of label / textbox vertically with flowlayoutpanel?

I would like to align like this

label1 TextBox1
label2 TextBox2
label3 TextBox3

I set FlowDirection to TopDown but how can I do to align label1 with TextBox1 horizontally ?


Yes, you can do it. You have to remove the anchors of each control. In a FlowLayoutPanel, no anchors means middle vertical alignment. I hope it helps.

Use RightToLeft instead of TopBottom in the FlowLayoutPanel and set FlowBreak=True to each TextBox. To align vertically Labels and TextBoxes, set Anchor=None on all of them (as @Francisco says below)

FlowLayoutPanel does not support that behavior. However, you could achieve the same result if you group each label/TextBox combo on e.g. their own panel and then set the FlowDirection to TopDown

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