CKEditor value set when html tags used

Using JQuery to set CKEditor Value

My question is in regards to setting the value of a CKEditor. I am able to set the value when its simple text, but when the text has html tags in the value is unable to set.

Any clues?

Maybe there is a question similar already in existence.


 CKEDITOR.instances.contentTexto.setData( '<?php echo $var_myRow['contents']; ?>' );

Ok so I have figured out how to remove the html tags simply by this:

$var_contentString = $var_myRow['contents'];
$var_contents = strip_tags($var_contentString);
echo $var_contents;

And it works! Now when I send my variable to setData(''); like this it still shows nothing. Whats happeing here, can someone explain this a little?

Also when I check the pageSource the data seems to be coming through with the tags in the setData(); function. So its purely a display issue CKEditor has with html tags.


try this :

    echo str_replace(array("'"),array("\\\'"),$var_myRow['contents']);

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