LibSpotify and Windows Store App

I'd like to start work on a Windows Store App client for Spotify, using LibSpotify. However, it seems that I'm unable to use the libspotify dll from inside a Metro app, presumably because it uses parts of the win32 api that are off-limits to the Metro Sandbox.

Loading in my own simple test dll using LoadPackagedLibrary works ok, but loading in libspotify gives error 1114 - ERROR_DLL_INIT_FAILED.

Is there any hope for me?

Thanks Tom


If you are trying to create a Metro-Style-App - you have no hope until Spotify releases an updated library or someone reverse engineers their library to make it work in WinRT.

If you want to create a Metro style app that is not WinRT - based - there are WPF libraries that let you theme your application to look Metro, but you won't be able to sell it in Windows Store unless you work for Spotify and get into a deal with Microsoft.

You can only use the WinRT library in Windows 8 Metro Apps, not Win32.

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