How do I shape the returned JSON object into array in Javascript/JQUery?

I am getting the JSON object from an API in this format:


I want to convert it into this format

['Mike', null, 'The President'],
          ['Alice', 'Mike', null],
          ['Bob', 'Jim', 'Bob Sponge'],
          ['Carol', 'Bob', null]

So I can pass it to a function in google api like this

var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(<<DATA>>);

How do I do that? Any advice?


You're probably not expecting to get 'Mike' from 'Id', so how this is supposed to work is a little hard to understand, and I'm not sure I really get the question, but did you try:

var myData = $​.makeArray(myObject)​;

jQuery makeArray()

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