android tablet emulator

I want to develop application for Android tablet. But I am unable to create a tablet size emulator. Emulator size should be 1024x600 (WSVGA) but there is no option to make tablet size emulator in default skin size in sdk2.2 as well as sdk 2.3. Then How to create tablet size emulator? However i have tried to make tablet size emulator manually putting the screen size 600x1024 in screen resolution. But this emulator is not working. Please help.


You can download the Galaxy Tab Emulator from the "Android SDK and AVD Manager". Under "Available Packages", "Third party Ad-ons", "Samsung"

Set the resolution you want while defining the AVD:

If you create emulator with tablet-specific Android version (e.g. 3.2) then it has tablet UI by default.

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