PGP on linux suse

The following script works on a windows server :

pgp --encrypt TESTDIR\TESTPgp.txt -r issucnc

How would I make the same code to work on a linux server if I wanted to transfer a file from linux to windows? Do I need to install something for this?

Or is PGP already installed and available in linux? How would I know if it is?

I have done my assignment. I have read things on PGP but the only thing that is clear to me is that it is used for encryption. On what exactly the output of the above code, I don't know.

Please help me. I would really appreciate your help and understanding that I am a complete noob at this.

Thank you so much.


On Linux, the most common OpenPGP implementation is GnuPG:

gpg --recipient issucnc --output TESTDIR/TESTPgp.txt.pgp --encrypt TESTDIR/TESTPgp.txt

or a shorter version

gpg -r issucnc -o TESTDIR/TESTPgp.txt.pgp -e TESTDIR/TESTPgp.txt

Of course, you have to gpg --import the public key of issucnc first.

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