How can I write SQL for a table that shares the same name as a protected keyword in MySql?


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Order is a reserved word. Don't use reserved words as table or field names; or wrap it in the escape characters such as ` for mysql. Personally I just avoid using them as they generally cause more headache than they are worth in the long run.


mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `order` WHERE orderID = 102;");

MORE INFO - you can get more info about reserved word here

Drives me crazy that people assume queries will work, and then don't even bothering asking the database to explain why things blew up. Try this:

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM order WHERE orderID = 102;") or die(mysql_error());

as well, unless there's more code than what you're showing above, you HAVE to capture the return value of the query call, since that return value is your result handle, from which you fetch results. Without that statement handle, you're basically wasting the DB server's (and your own) time.

Try mysql_query("SELECT * FROM order WHERE orderID = 102;") or die("MySQL ERROR: ".mysql_error());

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