Including literal JSON content in Velocity (avoiding HTML escapes)

I'm trying to use the Velocity engine embedded in Atlassian's products (and exposed through com.atlassian.templaterenderer) to substitute a JSON value into a template.

In the template, this looks a bit like the following:

  foo = $foo

However, when I render the template with "foo" mapped to a string ["bar", "baz"], the output is the following:

  foo = [&quot;bar&quot;, &quot;baz&quot;]

How can this be avoided?


Atlassian has an event handler which performs escaping on any variable with a name not ending with WithHtml.


foo = $fooWithHtml

expands as desired.

This is not a default behavior, looks like you have EscapeHtmlReference event handler registered either in your or in java initialization. More details on event handlers here.

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